Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dressing for your Body Type: Rectangle

Heya fellow Lolis! I'm back again with another body-type and a few tips for you. Now I want to say this again, until its ingrain into your frill-filled loli brains: no matter what shape/ type your body is, that does not mean that is it not beautiful and that does not mean we CAN'T work with it! We are all beautiful in our own way, and I know for a fact that everyone can wear Lolita and look good, it's just a matter of making sure we dress for our body type!

Now, today were going to work on the "Rectangle Figure". Don't know if that means you? Here is what a "Rectangle Figure" is usually considered to be:
  • Your full bust and hip lines are about the same.
  • You have very little to no waist definition
  • You may have a smaller-medium bust
So to dress for your Rectangle figure you are going to want to dress by accentuating your shoulders, or your waist, what we are going to attempt to do is give the illusion of curves. 

In Lolita I recommend wearing Medium to High necklines, doing so will help to accentuate your shoulders. I also recommend wearing a typical A-Line style Lolita dress, what this is going to do is glide down the straighter sides for your body and at the beginning of your hips the skirt will bell out, giving the otherwise straight sides of your torso a shape.

A-Line dresses are another very classic Lolita silhouette, wearing either a JSK or OP with an A-Line silhouette with a short or long sleeved blouse with a high neck line, and of course knee highs and a cute pair of shoes will help to complete this coord! Remember not to slack when it comes to hair and make-up either, if you're putting all this effort into your outfit why not style your hair and throw on some make up to complete the look?

As always thanks for reading, next time we we will be covering one of the more typical Chubby Lolita body types, the Oval Figure.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dressing for your Body Type: Hourglass

I know this is a really hard topic for a lot of us bigger lolitas, we want to be able to wear what ever we want, because honestly in Lolita fashion there isn't much of a variety of silhouettes for us to chose from. But I really want to emphasize how important it is for us to dress for our body type!

When you dress for your correct body type you will over come a lot of the hurdles there are with being a plus sized Lolita. This entry is going to focus on those with an "Hourglass" body type.

Don't know if you have an "Hourglass Figure"? Well here is a handy little guide. You have an Hourglass Figure if:
  • You bust and hip are the same size
  • You have a very defined waist
  • Your body is well balanced in the bust and waist areas
Now some would think that this is the "ideal" body shape, but I honestly think each shape has something going for it. When dressing for your Hourglass figure you want to chose clothes that are going to accentuate your gorgeous curves without adding bulk to that area. 

For you Lolitas with an hourglass figure I recommend cupcake shape dresses. Why? Because with the cupcake silhouette the top of the dress is going to end where your waist is the smallest showing that off, and then poof out in one of the more classic Lolita silhouettes. Coord this with they typical cardigan or shrug, a pair of knee highs or tights and your favorite Lolita shoes, and of course the accessories and you have a well-fitting and beautiful coord. 

Remember there is no "better" body type you just have to know how to dress for yours!

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