Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleo's Third Birthday!

Alright, well, I know this isn't exactly Lolita related, but my little sister Cleo just turned 3, and when she was asked what she wanted to do for her party she proptly told us that she HAD to have a fairy tea party!

That being said when it came time for the party and Cleo and I were getting ready she told me that she wanted me to wear "One of your pretty outfits sissy." That being said I QUICKLY jumped into a casual lolita coord. Needless to say she as trilled, she hugged me and said "Sissy we look so beautiful." 

That alone made it so adorable that I thought I would brave my fathers wrath and we headed down stairs. Now before I get into my father despising lolita, I figured we could look at a few pictures from the party.

                      This is Cleo my little sister in her birthday outfit with some balloons.

                                             The party was outside and of course very pink.

                We had a very lovely selection of teas and tea cups. And of course healthy munchies.

                                                     Cleo acting like the princess she is!

              And of course my little brother Phelan acting like a 5 year old boy at a tea party.

And now onto the not so fun part. When I came down stairs with my sister my Dad flipped out, he HATES the fact that i wear Lolita, and no matter what I tell him or show him he is still 100% under the impression that it is nothing but a fetish. 

So I had to explain to him that Cleo is the one who asked me to dress up, but he didn't care. Needless to say I refused to change and he hasn't really talked to me in 4 days. My point is, in my opinion it doesn't matter WHAT anyone else thinks, if you love something stick to it.

My father has threatened to kick me out because of Lolita, and honestly while it would suck a lot, I love wearing Lolita more than I love living in his house. I am never going to change because he thinks its a fetish because I know how much it means to me, and his matters not!

Basically if you love it, stick to your guns. 

Any of you readers have freinds, family or loved ones who hate your love of Lolita? How do you deal with it?

As always thanks for reading!

Next time: Custom Sizing: Who does it, How much?


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